A Drive north-east of Markham

A countryside drive into the Oak Ridges Moraine
going through Stouffville, Uxbridge, Goodwood

circa 105 km;  2 hours driving; 
Please obey all current Covid-19 regulations

1  Begin at the intersection of Highway 7 and Main Street Unionville
- Drive north on Main Street Unionville - follow the summer detour - avoiding the shopping area
2  Turn right (east) onto Carlton Road
Help hint -  the Varley Art Gallery of MarkhamRouge Valley Trail and the Villages and Valley Walking and Cycling Loop (markham.ca/getactive) are at, or near, this intersection.
3  Turn left (north) onto Kennedy Road (RR3)(traffic lights)
- cross 16th Ave (RR 73)
- cross Major Mackenzie Dr (RR 25)
- pass on left Angus Glen Golf Club (twice used for the Canadian Open)
- cross Elgin Mills Rd
- cross 19th Ave
You enter the Oak Ridge Moraine and will remain in it for most of this drive; look for the rolling landscape.
- cross Stouffville Road (RR14)
Side trip to left (west) for 1.3 km to visit Bruce’s Mill C.A. (entrance fee)
4  Turn right (east) onto Bethesda SR
Help hint - you will notice the numerous ponds along this stretch of road. This is a natural phenomenon. The houses have been referred to as the ‘Floating Mansions of Lemonville’
- cross McCowan Rd on a left/right jog in the route
Side trip to right (south) for 1.5 km to visit  Applewood Farm and Winery
5  Turn right (south) onto Markham Rd (Hwy 48)
6  Turn left (east) onto Bethesda SR
- pass on left Willow Springs Winery
7  Turn right (south) onto 9th Line (RR 69)
- cross Bayberry St - at a roundabout
- cross Millard St (traffic lights)
8  Turn left (east) onto Main St (Stouffville Rd) and drive through the town of Stouffville
- pass on left the southern terminus of the York Durham Heritage Railway
- cross Reesor Rd / 10th Line
9  Turn left onto York / Durham Line (RR 30)(T-junction)
10  Turn right (east) onto Webb Rd
You have now left York Region and are in Durham Region
- cross 2nd Concession (historic hamlet of Glasgow)
Side trip to right (south) for 0.2 km to visit Rouge National Urban Park
- cross West Duffin’s Creek
- cross 3rd Concession
- cross 4th Concession
11  Turn left (north) onto Brock Rd (RR1)(T-junction)
- pass on right ‘Pathways on Pleasure Valley’ (horse back riding)
12  Turn right (east) onto Allbright Rd
13  Turn left (north) onto Concession 6 (T-junction)
- pass on left an entrance to Durham Regional Forest (North Walker Woods) (limited roadside parking)
14  Turn right (east) onto Goodwood Rd (RR 21) (no sign; busy road)
15  Turn right (south) onto Concession 7 (traffic lights)
Side trip - turn left (north) for 400 m to see Pine Grove Church (1878)
- pass on left two entrances to Durham Regional Forest (Main Tract)(parking)
- road curves to the right and then to the left
- pass on right parking area for East Walker Woods; Trailhead of East Duffin’s Creek Headwaters
- winding road
16  Turn left (east) onto Chalk Lake Rd
Side trip - straight ahead for 500 m to see Glen Major Church (1873)
- winding road
- pass on left Skyloft Ski Resort
- pass on left Lakeridge Ski Resort
- pass on left parking lot for Chalk Lake Spring (for spring-fed water)
17  Turn left (north) onto Lake Ridge Rd (RR 23)
- pass on left Houston Rd
- cross Goodwood Rd (RR21) (traffic lights)
- pass on left Reid Rd
- pass on right Line 6
- pass on left Wagg Rd
- cross Medd Rd / Foxfire Chase
- pass on right Line 8 (Ward Rd)
18  Turn left (west) onto Reach Rd (RR 8)(traffic lights)
19  Turn right (north) onto Main St (RR1)(Uxbridge)
Uxbridge is famous for its trails  (
20  Turn left (west) onto Brock St.(traffic lights)
Side trip - continue straight on Main St and drive 5.6 km to see the Foster’s Memorial and 10.9 km to Leaksdale for the Lucy Maude Montgomery Museum
- cross Toronto St (traffic lights)
- pass on right Railway St
Side Trip - turn right for the northern terminus of the York Durham Heritage Railway
21  Turn left (south) onto Conc. Rd 6 at a roundabout
Side trip - turn right onto Conc. Rd 6 for Uxbridge Historical Centre Museum
- pass on right historic Quaker Meeting House (a faith building, similar to a church)
- cross heritage railway tracks
22  Turn right (west) onto RR47(traffic lights)
- road curves left (south)
- cross Wagg Rd
- road curves right (west) … and pass on left RR1 (Brock Rd)
- cross Concession 4
- pass on left Richters Herbs
- cross Concession 3 in hamlet of Goodwood (TV’s Schitt’s Creek)
- cross heritage railway
- pass on left Goodwood Rd (RR 21)(traffic lights)
- cross Concession 2
- cross York Durham Line (RR 30)
You now leave Durham Region and re-enter York Region
the road is now Bloomington Rd (RR40)
- cross 9th Line
- cross Hwy 48
- cross McCowan Road
23  Turn left (south) onto Kennedy Rd (traffic lights)
- cross Bethesda SR
- cross Stouffville Rd
You will leave the Oak Ridge Moraine
- cross 19th Ave
- cross Elgin Mills Rd
- cross Major Mackenzie Dr
- cross 16th Ave
24  Arrive at Kennedy Rd and Hwy 7 in Markham
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