These self-directed GuideBooks are designed for those people wishing to experience the beauty and charm of rural Ontario.
They give the traveller the Confidence to explore the backroads and the Reason(s) to do so.
When you buy one of our GuideBooks you will find that on the left hand side are detailed instructions following our route.
- we have driven all of the routes ... at least twice.
- we have written the turn instructions because we have been at each
  turn ... and where required have given 'Help hints' and 'Warnings'.
Reason to take the 'road less travelled:
In the centre of each two-page spread are stories. 
- Ontario has a rich heritage which we try to capture.
On the right hand side and at the back of the GuideBook are both tourist information and websites.
- hiking trails are also found enlarged at the back of the GuideBook
- we concentrate on circular hikes although the long-distance trails
  are also included.
- you will notice that we enjoy history, nature, local amenities etc.

Confidence from the Detailed Instructions 

(left hand side)

Your confidence to explore will develop through the use of the GuideBooks's handy NUMBER SYSTEM.

Each Turn has a Number:

Numbers appear both as 'Turn Numbers' in the driving instructions (left-hand side) and on the map (centre). 

Each Number refers to the same Turn. 

Thus each driving instruction in the text is united with the map.

In the driving instructions (left-hand side) you will see the we have used four main verbs:

Turn means that you will stop and make a turn.

Cross means that you will cross an intersection that has BOTH 

a right AND a left hand road.

Pass means that you will cross an intersection that has EITHER 

a right OR a left hand road.

Continue will mean that you go straight ahead.

Reason from the Tourist Information 

(centre and right hand side)

Furthermore, each GuideBook includes pictures, stories and tourist information about the countryside you travel through. 

These use the same Turn Numbers as the driving instructions and maps.

Thus for any Turn Number you will be provided with:

- a turn instruction

- a location on a map ... and possibly

- local tourist information or

  the nearest gas station, general store, ATM and restaurant

Bed & Breakfast information is provided in GuideBooks 

3, 4, 5 & 6

How the books work
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Fairs & Festivals
Retail stores
First Nations
Military History
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