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A short tour round the Forks of the Credit, Caledon

going through Belfountain, Cataract and Inglewood

Begin at the north end of Hwy 410 where it merges with Hwy 10

You are north of Brampton

Drive north on Hwy 10 for 1.6 km

1 Turn left (west) onto Old School Road

2 Turn right (north) onto McLaughlin Rd

pass on right 'Great War Flying Museum'


cross King St

cross Boston Mills Rd

3 Turn left (west) onto Olde Base Line

cross Chinguacousy Rd

pass on left 'the Badlands' 

cross Creditview Rd

4 Turn right (north) onto Mississauga Rd

pass on left 'Melville White Church' (historic)

cross The Grange Side Rd

enter hamlet of Belfountain

pass on left Bush St (at centre of hamlet)

our route curves to the right (east)

pass on right ice cream parlour

pass on right entrance to Belfountain Conservation Area 

our route is now Forks of the Credit Rd

pass on right Scott Dr

5 pass on left Mississauga Rd

our route drops down to a hairpin bend (caution)

pass under railway bridge

pass on left Dominion St (which crosses a bridge over the Credit River)

Help Hint - if you park by the roadside and walk to stand on the bridge, you will see the joining of the two branches of the Credit River which gives the place its name.

6 Turn left (north) onto McLaren Rd

pass on left Puckering Lane 

pass on left entrance to Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

Help-hint - good hiking and historical ruins in the Park

7 Turn left (west) onto RR 124 (Charleston SR)

pass on left a parking spot before crossing the Credit River.

8 Turn left (south) onto Main St 

Help Hint - gas station and restaurant on corner

our route curves right ... at the Forks of the Credit Inn in the hamlet of Cataract ... 

our route is now Cataract Rd

winding road

cross Elora-Cataract Trailway (former railway, now a multi-use trail)

Help Hint - no parking at this point, use the Provincial Park for access

9 Turn left (south) onto Mississauga Rd

winding road by ski hills

10 Turn left (east) onto Forks of the Credit Rd.

Help Hint - 10 to 11 is a repeat of the route from 5 to 6

11 pass on left McLaren Rd.

12 Turn right (south) onto McLaughlin Rd

cross The Grange SR

pass through hamlet of Inglewood

Help Hint - from Inglewood, there is a pleasant walk (east) along the Caledon Trailway to Hwy 10 and Ken Whillans CA

13 Turn left (east) onto Olde Base Line

cross Hwy 10

cross Kennedy Rd

14 Turn right (south) onto Heart Lake Rd

cross Boston Mills Rd

cross King St

pass on right Downey’s Farm Market (children friendly)


15 Turn right (west) onto Old School Rd

cross Kennedy Rd

arrive at Hwy 10 and the end of the tour

16 Turn left (south) to return to Toronto by Hwy 410

While we provide a route, please take all the necessary precautions under the Highway Traffic Act and ‘Rules of the Road’.

The GuideBooks are designed for a driver and a navigator.

Follow all detours / diversions around road works.

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